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About ALDREES Company

Petroleum Services Division and the Transport Services Division are ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company’s two principal divisions. Each of them has a special passion and tremendous talent for serving the interests of cherished clients, investors, and stakeholders.

No matter where you are in the Kingdom or the region, ALDREES offers the best of both worlds to your location, whether your interests are in the wholesale or retail sale of fuel and petrol or in transportation.

The Kingdom’s resource-rich, dynamic economy, where ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company operates, finds new opportunities arise every day, hour, and minute. Looking ahead and understanding the factors that will affect our business in the future positions us as the long-term destination for attracting interest from stakeholders, business partners, and us.

About the Job


  • Examine or revise supply chain procedures to ensure they comply to any new or evolving environmental policies, standards, rules, or laws.
  • When choosing transportation routes, combine shipments or combine warehousing and distribution to optimize efficiency.
  • Draw diagrams of supply chain systems to help in customer conversations.
  • Create standard cost lists or predictions for material costs.
  • Determine an appropriate amount of staffing and the right equipment to load, unload, move, and store materials.
  • Have meetings with suppliers to go over performance data, give feedback on performance, or discuss production modifications or forecasts.
  • Put new or improved supply chain procedures into place.
  • Work with other departments to find or qualify new suppliers, such as engineering, quality assurance, and procurement.
  • Create or implement methods or systems to assess or choose suppliers.
  • Evaluate data on supplier performance or the success of procurement programs.
  • Establish or put in place supply networks that assist with environmental regulations.
  • Record the real supply chain processes, including workflows, cycle times, job duties, and system flows.
  • Develop or put into action plant warehousing plans for raw materials or finished goods.
  • Hold conversations with supply chain planners to estimate demand or develop supply plans that guarantee the availability of components or goods.
  • Establish performance metrics to measure, compare, or assess supply chain elements like product cost or quality.
  • Examine inventories to find ways to improve customer service, cut waste, or enhance inventory turns.
  • Assist in the planning of engineering modifications, product line growth, or the introduction of new products to enable smooth and timely adjustments in the production or material flow.


  • Warehousing, products forwarding, shipping, and transportation.
  • Metrics for contract drafting and rates.
  • Staff administration and training experience.
  • Computer-savvy. writing and speaking English with simplicity.
  • Candidates need to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field.


  • Supply chain bachelor degree or equal.
  • Minimum 8-10 years in oil or petrochemical supply chain.

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