Staff Engineer, Operation Optimization in SABIC, KSA


About the SABIC

SABIC is a global leader in chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From improving the fuel efficiency of cars and planes to facilitating the use of colourful smartphone cases and contributing to the preservation of the world’s water supply, we solve issues related to the present to support our clients in realising their goals and creating a better tomorrow.

In order to help our clients, we seek for and create opportunities in important end markets like construction, packaging, agri-nutrients, medical devices, electrical and electronics, transportation, and renewable energy.

SABIC work in 50 countries and employs more than 33,000 people worldwide. We have around 12,500 global patent filings, significant research resources, and innovation hubs in five important regions: the USA, Europe, Middle East, North East Asia, and South East Asia. We adhere to promoting innovation and an inventive spirit.

About the job

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determine, evaluate, and suggest areas in which safety aspects of Operation Optimisation require improvement.
  • Identify, assess, examine, create, and put into effect operation optimization-related technical standards and best practises.
  • Locate, evaluate, develop, and implement technical worldwide operations optimisation initiatives.
  • Assess novel applications and technology for operation optimisation.
  • Assist manufacturing facilities in resolving ongoing problems or failures at facilities worldwide.
  • Assistance with technical evaluations, assessments, cold eye tests, and initiatives for remaining life assessments.
  • Communicate with important OEMs to resolve design problems which affect asset reliability and to stay informed about future technology advancements.
  • Maintain a look for fresh concepts, inventions, and cutting-edge approaches to operation optimisation life cycle management.
  • Take the lead and/or take part in committees, conferences, forums, and technical networks.
  • Create and provide site engineers with excellent specific instruction.


  • A master’s degree in engineering with additional coursework and experience in the field of operation optimisation. 15 years in the field. Additional requirements that must be met:
  • Proven background in the oil & gas and petrochemicals sectors.
  • Proven worldwide expertise in operation optimisation, as demonstrated by notable successes and contributions built over a minimum of 15 years.
  • With proven expertise in project execution, operation, and maintenance of:
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES/MIS).
  • Cost/benefit analysis; technical design; implementation; commissioning; start-up; maintenance; sustainability; troubleshooting; failure analysis, and overhaul, these experience areas are specific to Operation Optimising systems.
  • The integration of control systems and manufacturing execution systems.
  • Accounting and reconciliation of data.
  • Tracking and recording of production.
  • Optimisation of Manufacturing.
  • A comprehensive production schedule.
  • Operational equipment effectiveness used for asset performance management.
  • Scheduling of transportation and loading.
  • Relational and real-time databases.

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