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Aldrees company, dynamic, flexible, and resource-rich economy of the Kingdom, where ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company operates, is defined by the emergence of novel opportunities every day, hour, and minute. We become the long-term destination for attracting interest to us, business partners, and stakeholders by looking forward and understanding the factors that will impact our firm in the future.

The Petroleum Services Division and the Transport Services Division are the two main divisions of ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company. Each of them is extremely enthusiastic about servicing the needs of beloved clients, shareholders, and stakeholders.

ALDREES provides the best of both worlds to your location anywhere in the Kingdom and the area, whether your interests are in the wholesale or retail business of fuel and petrol or in transportation.

About the job


  • Keep up with electronic fleet management databases for sales, registration, inspections, and maintenance.
  • By planning, forecasting, and researching current user habits, you can make sure that your fleet is always ready to handle any requests.
  • Stay aware and use user surveys, fleet data, and all other resources at your disposal to anticipate new requirements.
  • Schedule Special Event Planning and organise fleets and operational workers for support.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork and formalities for adding new vehicles to a current fleet, including registration, insurance, and CHP requirements.
  • Ensure timetable fleet management by supervising regular and emergency maintenance, obtaining tags for new vehicles, and replacing existing ones.
  • Keep an eye on fleet operations to make sure they respect to local and state laws and regulations.


  • Maintain and manage a data management system to arrange fleets in accordance with different timetables and demands.
  • Streamline and oversee the fuel purchase process for all drivers and vehicles with the help of fuel Cards.
  • By promoting industry best practises, develop and put into effect uniform operational standards for maintaining vehicles.
  • Give department personnel guidance on how to manage the budgeting process and maintain budget cycle criteria.
  • Through effective settlement, plan, process, and carry out vehicle purchase and replacement.
  • Plan and gather your annual budget, expenses, and an analysis of all your financial goals.
  • Help organise and carry out corrective measures and capacity building to manage the entire fleet in order to meet business objectives.
  • Create departmental, fleet, and investment budgets for management approval.
  • Monitor actual results against the forecast on a monthly (or other) basis.
  • Conduct an analysis to decide which vehicles to buy or lease and how they should be fitted.
  • Develop/update fleet policies and processes, such as the process for reporting accidents, designating vehicles for personal use, and replacing them.
  • Choose which fleet operations should be outsourced, which vendors should receive them, and serve as the main point of contact for all suppliers.
  • Monitor supplier performance and instruct drivers in program usage.
  • Coordinate with company finance and treasury sections to manage or conduct regular lease vs buy analyses.
  • Participate in the company’s safety committee, evaluate the flexibility of every accident, and carry out fleet policy as required. Report fleet spending performance to management on a regular basis, and include an annual report when submitting the budget for the next year.
  • Control, assign, and monitor pool vehicle usage if necessary.


  • Experience of managing and developing staff.
  • Computer literate.
  • Fluent English speaking and Writing.
  • Candidates must be qualified and have experienced in relevant field.
  • Interested candidates send CVs for client approval.
  • Maximum 8-10 years’ experience.

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