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About National Medical Care

National Medical Care Company was established in 2003 as a Closed Joint Stock Company owned by GOSI and group of shareholders. The business registered with the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) and went public in 2013. The organisation is the owner of three hospitals: National Care Hospital, created in 1966, and Family Health Care Centre, which began operating in 2017. Riyadh Care Hospital was formerly known as (Social Insurance Hospital), and it was foundĀ in 1990.

About the job

Duties and responsibilities

  • In the position of carrying out every task relating to the filing system for all patient medical records.
  • Retrieve the requested record.
  • In line with hospital protocol, is in charge of monthly notifying all physicians of their incomplete medical records.
  • This policy is a resource for all inquiries from physicians.
  • The master record filing area must maintain proper file upkeep.
  • A file audit will done.
  • After retrieval, examines and compiles all patient files.
  • Creates folders for new patients’ medical records.
  • To avoid backlogs, inserts all incoming reports throughout each shift.
  • Consistently conducts file checks to keep all shelving sections in precise terminal digit order.
  • Adheres to all departmental rules and regulation
  • Providing patient records to the outpatient and inpatient departments when they are essential.
  • Timely and accurately maintains orderly files.
  • Upholds the privacy, security, and confidentiality of all patient data and files.
  • Places documents in the proper shelving location, such as a permanent filing area, an incomplete area, a coding area, etc.
  • Has the capacity to operate independently with little direct supervision.

Assembly and Analysis

  • In charge of collecting medical records discharges that have not sent to the medical record department.
  • Assemble the disorganised document in accordance with the CBAHI and JCIA criteria for assembling patient records.
  • Examine the medical record file for any missing paperwork in accordance with policy.
  • Each physician has given the task of writing the surgical procedure report and discharge summary.
  • Timely and accurately maintains orderly files.
  • Upholds the privacy, security, and confidentiality of all patient data and files.
  • Keeps the electronic medical record deficiency system up to date.
  • When necessary, work is done in a professional manner while maintaining patient and staff anonymity.
  • Takes part in ongoing training programs created by the department, such as those covering environmental control, risk management, fire and safety, and department policies and procedures.
  • Re-analyzes all medical records determined to complete before filing in the permanent file area.


  • At least three (3) years experience working in Medical record department performing Technical tasks.


  • Written and vocal proficiency in English.
  • Must be fully aware of the medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology as well as the required medical record documentation.
  • Must have an excellent grasp of the HMIS system as it applies to the medical records department and put that understanding to use in real-world situations.
  • The capacity to use computer health information systems in accordance with departmental requirements.
  • The capacity to relate to various documentation styles.
  • Demonstrates professionalism and strong interpersonal communication abilities.

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