General Wire line Field Engineer, APC Oilfield Services

APC Oilfield Services

About APC Oil Field Services

APC Oilfield Services is a Saudi company which started out in 2016 and its main office in the kingdom’s Eastern Province. We specialize in Cased hole Wire line Services and provide Wire line Services.

Role Description:

General Wire line Field Engineer begins cased complete operations and applications both offshore and onshore. The oil and gas industry is supplied by oil field service companies. Oil field service companies offer a variety of services, such as well construction, completion, and drilling, though usually seldom generate their own petroleum.


  • Engineer/ Mechanical/ Electrical Degree
  • 5 years’ Experience as General Field Engineer in cased hole services
  • 3 years’ Experience in Saudi Arabia as a Field Engineer
  • Saudi National (Preferred)
  • Internationally experienced (Preferred)
  • 10K PSI certified (Preferred)


  • Keeping up with service quality, procedures, and policies.
  • Performing well site tasks.
  • 24/7 operations are required for land and offshore operations.
  • Extensive field exposure.
  • Field reporting to the operations manager.
  • Wire line products maintenance and operations.

Need skills for APC oilfield services

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