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About the EF Education First

EF Education First, We think that when individuals make an effort to understand one another, the world is a better place. Since its inception in 1965, EF has aided millions of people in exploring new locations, engaging with various cultures, and discovering new aspects of the world and themselves.

About the job

EF Abha

A programme for tertiary level Teaching Assistants and lecturers is handling┬áby Education First in collaboration with a top institution in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this programme is to help students improve their English language skills in preparation for master’s and doctoral programmes at universities. In order to prepare for the academic IELTS exams, students will receive instruction in general English.


We at EF Abha are searching for skilled ESL applicants looking for a demanding and fulfilling university job opportunity. Teachers who are passionate about teaching and have an immense capacity to support and encourage students on their language learning journey are welcome to submit applications.


  • Deliver general English and IELTS instruction.
  • Engage in active participation in extracurricular activities and language clubs.
  • Engage in CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
  • Develop weekly work schedules and support the team in developing the syllabus.
  • Write student reports when required.
  • Act as an ambassador for EF.

Qualification and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree or higher needed in linguistics, English literature, or TESOL)
  • Equivalent to or qualified for CELTA/DELTA.
  • Several IELTS scores (plus five years). Ideally, certified IELTS instructors or former examiners.
  • Outstanding organisational abilities, including the capacity to give learners specific goals and thorough feedback to academic administration.
  • Exhibits excellent customer service as well as the vital abilities of listening, cooperation, and teamwork.
  • Strong Microsoft Office IT abilities Qualifications
  • Preferably an MA or PhD in applied linguistics or TESOL.
  • Significant IELTS experience is necessary (5+ years) Pay and essential.

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