Assistant/Associate Professor in Sustainable Polymers


KAUST King Abdullah organization of Science and Technology, graduate-level research institutions in Saudi Arabia, established in 2009. It is located beside the Red Sea. Through interdisciplinary research, guidance, and innovation, the KAUST is dedicated to promoting science and technology. Students, teachers, scientists, and engineers is participate curiosity-driven, goal-oriented research to address. The key technological and scientific problems around food, water, energy, and the environment.

The University currently assists an academic community of 150 faculty members, 400 postdocs, and 300 research scientists in its training and education programed of approximately 900 master’s and doctorate students. The University brings together individuals and ideas from all over the world thanks to the 100 nationalities that work and live there.

About the job In KAUST

The KAUST Chemical Science (ChemS) Program Is Seeking Candidates. At All Levels Who Will Develop a World-Class Competitive Research Program In One Or More Of The Following Key Areas.

An useful and motivated polymer chemist with experience in one or more areas of polymer chemistry, including dynamic covalent bond-based polymers (for example, vitrines). Smart sustainable polymers, design/synthesis of degradable polymers, recycling, and DEpolymerization. Is encouraged to submit an application for an assistant or associate professor position in sustainable polymers.

The Chemical Science courses are vital for KAUST’s goals in the areas of cybersecurity, smart health, and climate and livability. Applications that would expand our participation in any of these initiatives will be carefully assessed.

Faculty in the ChemS Program

Conduct research on a number of chemistry-related areas, focusing on fundamental issues like how to generate energy, purify water, and protect the environment. The KAUST Research Institutes’ focus on catalysis, membranes, and solar energy are just a few of the fields in which the ChemS ProgramĀ is particularly engaged.

About The PSE Division

The Chemical Science program is an element of the Physical Science and Engineering Division, which provides degrees in Applied Physics, Chemical Science, Earth Science and Engineering. Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

These fields constitute the basis for our Division’s efforts to address some of the biggest issues that the world is facing at present, such as those involving energy and the environment. Our academic members specifically work on a wide range of topics, including photovoltaics, super capacitors, porous materials for carbon capture and membranes, clean combustion, atmospheric modeling, and unique polymers and composite for smart materials and structures.

More information

On this website, you can find out more about the academic initiatives and research at KAUST. An international graduate research organization with a focus on interdisciplinary research, guidance, and innovation. KAUST aims to further science and technology. On the western shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, KAUST provides excellent research facilities. Important baseline research funding, competitive international salary, and unparalleled living conditions for individuals and families.


  • A relevant Ph.D. degree.
  • Proven track record in managing a research group as well as publishing high-impact papers.

Teaching And Service Responsibilities

  • Commitment to high-quality teaching at the graduate level, including two courses per academic year.
  • Active service to KAUST on all aspects of academic life.

Research Responsibilities in KAUST

The university offers its principal investigators access to multiple types of research funding. The successful candidate is expect to construct a strong research program. That includes participating in national and international scientific collaborations, and should have a track record of publishing high-impact papers.

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