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Data Analyst jobs in KPK latest 2023

Data Analyst jobs in KPK latest 2023

If applicants meet the qualifications, they are greatly recommended to apply for the Data Analyst jobs position within one month. To enhance their chances of being selected for the job, applicants must finish their paperwork as quickly as possible. However, one must obey the employer’s specific requirements. Carefully reading the job description is required.

Job title:

Data Analyst jobs

Eligibility criteria:

The candidate must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. An applicant with a bachelor’s or master’s in IT, CS, Data analysis and other relevant degrees can apply for a data analyst jobs post.
  2. You must have the capability to speak and write English.
  3. Preference shall be given to relevant experience in the same field.


Below are the Accommodations that the company is offering to its employees.

  1. Bonuses are based on performance.
  2. The employee will get allowances from the company.

Application deadline:



In addition to the benefits, the candidate will get a handsome salary of 25000-75000PKR.

How to Apply:

Click the apply button, then email us your passport, national ID card, degrees, diploma and other required documents.

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